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Pink for the Day

Following on from the Bake Off and with an overflow of cakes, A&A turned PINK for the day in spectacular style! Both the girls and boys came together in an amazing and humorous show of support.
Mr Blobby rubbed shoulders with our very own MD JB who pimped up the pink in an outrageous outfit which had us all in fits of laughter! A sea of pink stretched across all departments from hairstyles, pyjamas, clashing clothing to a complete workman’s outfit (thanks Chappers for providing all the pink helmet jokes lol) and even Tom shunned his masculinity by painting his nails pink.

Prizes were awarded for the best dressed to Nick, Fran, Michael and Nickei, our sales team won the “Pink Quiz” and Adrian won the sweepstake prize of £25. A massive £400 was raised over the two days for a cause that’s very close to many of our hearts.
A huge thank you to Jenny & Katie for organising the events and of course to all our staff, we are so proud of the 100% commitment to everything they do and how we all pull together to make such events as these a massive success. Overall a fantastic laughter filled two days were had by all, showing that although we work hard we sometimes need to play hard too!

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