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Escalator Handrail

A&A in partnership with Draka-EHC are proud to launch our range of escalator handrails and accessories. Our handrails are available in two materials:
– SBR (rubber) the default material, used on most escalators currently in service.
– NT (thermoplastic) the new high performance, long life, environmentally friendly material.

Both types are available in a wide selection of sizes to fit any escalator in service.

Strong & Flexible -TufFlex Escalator Handrail

TufFlex withstands environmental exposure without cracking, and has an exceptionally high resistance to ozone. It’s flexible enough to bend through the most extreme drive systems, yet durable enough to endure the constant pressure of drive rollers.

  • TufFlex handrails are constructed and designed for any application or environment.
  • Trouble-free operation on the most severe reverse bend drive systems.
  • Withstands extensive wear and tear.
  • Reliable, robust and stable.
  • Durable & Ozone Resistant.

NT is an entirely new concept in handrail technology

NT uses an extrusion process to combine thermoplastic elastomers with steel cables and slider fabric into a virtually homogenous product that will not delaminate

  • Recyclable, and environmentally friendly using less energy during manufacture.
  • Higher tensile strength than rubber handrails which makes it difficult to damage and improves life.
  • Unique stretch inhibitor steel cable allows excellent material penetration, providing the ultimate protection against fretting and corrosion and a handrail that is extremely resistant to length change.
  • Various options for printing permanently on the handrail including motion indicators, safety messages, custom artwork and branding.